Suntek Corporation Pre-Recruitment Campus Drive (Last Date for enrollment 05.10.2017 12pm) 2nd, 3rd & 4th yr students​ - Test date 07.10.2017


Last Date for Enrollment (ONLINE) - 05.10.2017 afternoon 12pm

It is Mandatory for all the branch students to undergo this Assessment. You need to Enroll using below link -

Date of HPA (ON-CAMPUS) - 07.10.2017 CSE & IT Labs (10:00am onwards)

Students need to attend Suntek Corp Level-1 Hiring Potential Assessment (HPA​) ​on 7th October, 2017. 

Students do not need to pay Registration Fee or fee for Round-1(Online MCQs Test) and Round-2(Online Coding Test) of Level-1 HPA. 

(However, students need to pay for Round-3(Technical Interview) and Roumd-4(HR Interview) of Level-2, if they qualify for the 2nd level).

This Pre-Assessment will help you in following ways

1.     Primarily it will help you to understand your current skills. You will understand your level. (Every student will be falling on a scale between 1 and 100).

2.     You can prepare based upon the feedback of areas of improvement. For example, if your level is 60% on scale, the interviewers from industry will give you feedback on what you are lacking beyond 60% and guide you on how to improve to become Ready-2-Hire.

3.     It would be a great experience even before you attend the actual drive. Most of the aspirants lose their first interview due to lack of experience. And as per earlier observations, 70% plus students have cleared their actual drive after they have attended Pre-Assessment.

4.     You can compete among Local Engineering Students. It will enable you to initially understand your performance Category and Rank among Engineering Students of your City. You will get to know your position City wise, College wise, Branch wise and Section wise respectively as this is organised in the Top Engineering Colleges of Hyderabad by Suntek Corp.

5.     If students clear all the levels of HPA then they will become SUNTEKPROs, a Ready-2-Hire Suntek Technology Professional. Suntek Corp will maintain the Entry Level Talent (SUNTEKPROs) and represent their Hiring Potential to Hiring Clients. Further it may result in an Interview Opportunity, Internship/Job and Employment based upon the performance in their respective selection process.

6.     For example, in their recent association with a product company, which offer 3 lakhs during internship and 7.2 lakhs after permanent employment, Suntek Corp had provided a Pre-Assessed Hiring Potential Performance of eligible students from 129 colleges from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Product Company had shortlisted 1500 relevant performers of Suntek Corp Pre-Assessment for their campus drive. As a Hiring Partner, Suntek Corp had organised the initial rounds of Company Drive and provided a Talent Pool of 160 and company had selected 51 in their only final technical interview. This has cut down company’s cost, time and effort on a greater scale and hence had made them to opt Suntek Corp for 2nd consecutive year as their Hiring Partner. Till now this year, Suntek Corp had provided 68 and 22 got finally selected. Suntek Corp is expecting more requirements further from this client and others as well.